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   Elite Sports Properties
Elite Sports Properties
Elite Sports Properties Holdings Pty Ltd (ESP) is an independent Australian sports and entertainment marketing and management company. Possessing an impressive track record, they assist clients in meeting their objectives through the development and activation of integrated marketing, promotional, media, event and merchandising programs. ESP is involved in global activation strategies, partnering some of the world’s most prominent brands and personalities to improve their marketing and set new performance benchmarks.
As the sales grew, it faced the need for a more streamline distribution and order fulfillment system from the factory floor in China to the customers' door worldwide.
Sai Cheng Logistics International (SCLI) worked closely with ESP  to develop an integrated fulfillment solution - China Direct Fulfillment Solution.

The first program we fulfilled was "GWS GAINT 2013 Membership Program". Supplier delivered 2,000 sets of folded bottle, stationary set, back sack to SCLI Shenzhen Warehouse, we packed into mailbag, printed and inserted letter for corresponding members, labeled Australia Post Air Mail address labels and arranged airfreight to Australia Post Sydney Parcel network for direct delivering to 2,000 individual members in Australia national wide.
The second program we worked with ESP was "Waratahs 2013 Membership program". This program was more complex, i.e., 13 different pack styles to 11,518 individual members in Australia.
Cost reduction. With the China Direct Fulfillment Solution, which cut the cost of inventory, destination import and warehouse activity cost.
Integration & Visibility.  Single entry point for ESP which offering simple and seamless end-to-end solution from the factory floor to the customer's door with full visibility.
Speed to market and flexibility. The China Direct Fulfillment Solution improve the end-to-end lead time from factory to final customer to 7 days which sets new industry benchmark. In the meantime, with SCLI's shared resource, which accommodated of volume fluctuation for promotional program, as well as capability of full range of value-added service,such like letter, flyer printing and insertion.

Global reach. As most of the products are made in China, therefore with China Direct Fulfillment Solution, other than Australian market, ESP can unlock the global market opportunity by partnering with SCLI, who has the capability of global fulfillment and distribution through its integrated postal network.
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